Manufacturing Inventory Processing and Tracking.

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Complete Turnkey Solution for Supermarkets.

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Restaurant Management - Menu-driven Application for Maximum Efficiency.

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Meeting Tracking - Effectively Analyse Meetings with an Exemplary Documenting Mechanism.

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Integrated, Robust and Innovative Online Exam Software

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    We offer the right mix of creativity and expertise. Whether bundled together or done independently, we create outstanding solutions and materials that actually work.

  • Philosophy

    Our Philosophy is to focus on our strengths and being good at what we do. We don't believe in compromising on our beliefs or standards just to have more business.

  • Dedicated Services

    As a focused Software Provider, we offer a multitude of services including: Point by Point solution, Operational Simplicity with Ease, and System Compliance.

  • Cementing Relationships

    Nothing is more important than building a relationship, as it allows us to do a better job — we get to know you and that is how we create fantastic solutions.

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We specialize in creative software solutions that lead to increased productivity and work efficiency with zero error in work flow.

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What Clients Say

Ashutosh Singhania

We are quite curious and enthusiastic about the new packaging solutions being implemented by MidasTouch at Singhania FabExports and expect to streamline our manufacturing process, our recording systems automated and save on day to day wastages.

Ashutosh Singhania, Director, Singhania FabExports Pvt. Ltd.
Pankaj Kantak

I've never had a better experience working with a Software design team. The amount of creativity and energy they put into my company's project comes out in the ease in my operations. The work MidasTouch Solutions does is simply amazing.

Pankaj Kantak, CEO, La'Mart Trading, Goa

We furnish the most impressive solutions you can find.