Meeting Tracking

Effectively Analyse Meetings with an Exemplary Documenting Mechanism.


MeeTrack provides a comprehensive tool to schedule, record, summarize and notify the concerned about every crucial meeting. Here are 2 important reasons why individuals and organizations need MeeTrack:

Minutes of Meeting

MeeTrack includes an innovative method of compiling the vital points of the meeting in a pragmatic and succinct manner. These points can be the difference between an ad-hoc management of company's intellectual assets and a provident one.

Readily Brief the Concerned

MeeTrack handles invitations, responses and provides means for convenient access to the meeting agenda. It provides an easy way to make sure all of your meeting's attendees are on the same page before they walk in and after they walk out.

Overall, MeeTrack will rapidly improve the prevalent method of conducting meetings and elicit a productive conduct.

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