Manufacturing Inventory Processing and Tracking.


MInt improves your efficiency and provides a clear view on productivity & growth. Here are 3 important reasons why growing businesses need MInt:

Efficiency for growing businesses

The growth of any business requires various processes, countless activities and numerous workflows. Out of these, some might be manual and some automated. Either way, they are rarely well documented. In this highly competitive world, this kind of disjointed and disintegrated system will bring down the productivity and profitability which in turn affects the growth. Implementing MInt helps businesses streamline a variety of processes, log them and track them on an hourly basis while reducing operating and overhead expenses.

A Helping Hand for All Employees

Implementing MInt will ensure that the routine reporting work of employees is reduced at all levels. This allows field staff to enter data on the go and helps Managers get accurate information in real-time. It also helps the key decision-makers of the company to understand their workforce in a better manner right from analysing individual performance across different business sites to visualizing the overall performance of an entire operational zone. This helps organizations take strategic decisions with ease and certainty.

Improved Consistency & Accuracy

MInt helps maintain information in a rational manner, especially in organizations with disjoint departments with inconsistent & inaccurate information. The views of different departments vary and the information they provide the Manager also differs. This leads to confusion & erroneous decisions. These problems impact the bottom-line, if not considered seriously. Implementing MInt will ensure that all information is maintained in a consistent manner across the departments.

Overall, MInt serves as an excellent information tool for medium to large businesses for better decision making and accomplishing required goals. Hence, it’s a must for every growing business.


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