Integrated, Robust and Innovative Online Exam Software


MExam is a fully integrated platform for providing end to end online examination service right from candidate registration to result processing. Here are 2 important reasons why MExam is the right choice for education, recruitment, manufacturing, and logistics:

A Complete, Intuitive, Dynamic Package

MExam automates all assessment phases: registering, scheduling, delivering, and reporting. It provides hassle-free question & student management, categorization and analysis. The entire process from enrollment to progress reports can be done with absolute accuracy and consistent ease.

Quality and Reliability

We understand that conducting an examination is a highly sensitive activity with security being a major concern and so the level of security incorporated in MExam is unparalleled. We have proven expertise in developing and administrating industry accepted assessments aimed at evaluating a person’s employability for the specific sector.

MExam promises to deliver a cost effective, secure and efficient examination and assessment service for our clients.

We furnish the most impressive solutions you can find.