Complete Turnkey Solution for Supermarkets.


InvenTrack is a unified solution which allows retail businesses to automate their sales and have a more comprehensive control over their inventory, thereby increasing their profits. Here are 3 important reasons why growing businesses need InvenTrack:

A Radical Unified POS

InvenTrack arms your workforce with the tools and knowledge they need to administer an exceptional level of customer service with faster and more accurate transactions while maintaining control over product inventory. Get a distinct advantage over your competition with inventory & sales automation that will afford you the resources to focus on other aspects of your business.

Analytics Expertise

Our formidable solution lets you drill into your data with persistent scrutiny. Analyse your operation and make informed business decisions based on up-to-date information. Inspect business performance with real-time reports. Dissolve the practice of stale reports and week-old batched figures. Keep track of your customer history, securely process transactions and manage employee access.

Hassle-free Incorporation

Our intuitive software will merge with any business with astounding simplicity and immediately exhibit savings in resources and maximize the benefits. Instantly speed up your checkout line and reduce costly errors by using a barcode scanner instead of a manual paper-based setup. Not only is the system easy to learn and use, it performs a multitude of functions and controls for the smooth running of your business.

Overall, InvenTrack serves as an essential component of any business by developing a productive environment.

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