About us

Who are we?

The MidasTouch team was founded in 2013, by a team of SME’s from the IT field & the manufacturing industry who always felt there was a big gap in old data feeding systems leading to a series of problems and they wanted to find solutions for it. This idea was converted to designing systems that should do substantial jobs easily yet remain cost-effective to support the targeted industry. We consciously decided to remain focused and concentrate on engaging a few clients at a time.

What are we?

We are a customized solutions provider, based in India, specializing in creative software solutions that lead to increased productivity and work efficiency with zero error in work flow. Dealing with automating and improvising the basic data entry systems, the software are designed to ensure minimum effort and maximum compliance. Our clients quickly recognize that they start working strategically and efficiently. Our goal is to drive success to your door.

What do we do?

In today’s world, customer-centric solutions are of paramount importance and we work towards offering the latest technology to increase the return on investments. We have a clear focus, and we deal in only certain products which enable us to specialize and provide exceptional service. It's our conviction that systems should be designed to comply and follow the vision of each organisation.

We furnish the most impressive solutions you can find.